On March 13 and March 20, Tony Brown presented “How to Plan and Build a Website” to the Girl Scouts of Winston-Salem, NC. They had 11 girls aged 10-15 in attendance. 

On the first day, they discussed what a website is, the difference between a website and a blog website, what is an online social presence and how to protect yourself online (some security functions). They then went over how to plan a website, defined the target audience, organized materials, and created a sketch of the pages we were going to create. The girls were put into groups of 2 and 3. 

On the second day, the girls were given their saved information from the previous week, and they were introduced to WordPress. (a Content Management System) They had to log into the system and were introduced to the dashboard. They created additional logins for their sites (for every team member). They proceeded to create Pages or Blog Posts and filled them with content (Text and Images). Some groups changed the theme, which wasn’t covered at length, but was optional.

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