GenCyber Camps 2018

Our GenCyber Goals:

  • Increase diversity and interest in cyber security ad careers in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation
  • Help all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior.
  • Create an interest in IT/Cyber career pathway
  • Students will explore cybersecurity careers

For Teachers:

Teacher GenCyber Girls Camp Workshop  – July 16-20, 2018 Sign Up!
GenCyber Raspberry Pi Teacher Camp Workshop – July 30-August 3, 2018 Sign Up!

For Students:

GenCyber Girls Camp – July 23-27, 2018 Sign Up!

The Girl’s Camp will teach students to program Apple Swift Playgrounds  on an iPad, using Apple’s proprietary code. Students will also learn to build a Kamigami using robotics technology. (Participants will be given a Karagomi to take home at the end of the week)

GenCyber Raspberry Pi Camp – August 6-August 10, 2018 Sign Up!

The Raspberry Pi  will teach participants how to program Raspberry Pi( participants will be given a Raspberry Pi to take home at the end of the week).  Participants will also learn Drone exploration and how privacy rules applies to drones.